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No one can give the record of how many local churches that have been planted so far but we need more churches for the ever-increasing growth in our communities.

A little story here and I am sure you would learn from it. When I was very young, my mother loved flowers even up till now and because of that, she planted a lot of flowers at home.

Well I wasn’t really keen about the beauty it brings to the house but I noticed that the house’s atmosphere was always fresh, cool and good! Going to school I understood why…. we take in oxygen and give out what plants take in and that cleans up the atmosphere.

What also got my attention was the fact that my mother will prune the flowers especially when it was getting wild and rough. I felt for the plants but she told me that that’s the secret to their flourishing…and true to her words the more she prunes the more they became beautiful in expression.

Let’s look at scripture now, God made Adam and placed him in a garden of Eden with the mandate to dress it. The garden’s beauty was dependent on the dressing skills of Adam and Eve. When you do not plant and take care of what is planted, the enemy can come in to plant but you would not like what will grow thereafter.

Why am I saying all these? Paul plants and Apollos waters but God causes the increase. The increase comes with the horned skills of planting and watering…. “dressing of the garden”. If this is not in place, our God will not bring the increase even though we strongly desire it but God knows we do not deserve the increase.

Lastly, churches are planted but when there are not dressed well with skilful planting and watering, they grow wild and rough and when not dressed properly, the church CAN be lost and gone!

I remember planting maize when I was young too but did not dress it well for a long time, saw the maize growing tender but before I knew it other things I did not plant started growing and then there was no maize at all seen growing.

You can plant a church and when you do not dress it well you can lose it to a point that you do not have a church any longer but something else.

One of the weird things I have seen as a church consultant is hearing people calling the church a church when actually the church is not a church from DNA to MODEL and to FUNCTIONS.

When you plant a church, dress it to health so the body will not have spots and wrinkles to God’s glory.

At Magnicraft Consulting…we employ church leaders to do Church, God’s Way!!!!
Your church CAN be healthy when properly dress!!!!’Niyi DunmadeContact points:Info@magnicraftconsulting.com @IamNiyiDunmade | @MagnicraftLTDFacebook/Instagram/LinkedIn: Niyi Dunmade | MagnicraftLTD…Doing Church, God’s Way!

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