Conflict Management In Healthy Organization

Conflict Management in Healthy Organization

To have a healthy organization, conflict is inevitable but as it is said ‘combat is optional’ too. People working together must have “storming” sessions after “forming” up as a team before a “performing” session can occur. That is just the normal ORDER! Breaking this order creates its own set of disorders in any system.

When there is no conflict in a system it means there is a lot of silence, avoidance and suppressive acts going on that a leader should be very much worried about. A major sign of pending DANGER if you ask me!

When conflict is not in place, most likely the leadership or power blocs are manipulating and/or misunderstanding the place of stakeholders in a healthy organization. As a leader, you cannot deceive people for a long time.

DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS. Trust me, it is a ticking time bomb when you do not therapeutically correct this with options for stakeholders to be heard, very early in any church formulation.

Having no conflict is like saying you want to physically walk and move forward without the aid of frictional force taking place.

The ability to manage conflicts well within the team set up will enhance the results you can achieve as a church This can be achieved with proper organizational thinking, stakeholders’ buy-in with commitments and vision alignments.

Lastly, to have a healthy church, you CANNOT avoid doing the right things right, the first time and always.

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Your church CAN be healthy!!!!

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