Our Process will help you assess ministry health, create strategic plans, structure your staff to the strategy, and follow through on your action plans.‎ Most organisations start, grow, thrive, lose momentum, decline & eventually end. We believe God desires every church lives out its purpose at the pinnacle of sustained health. We guide your team through this process in four phases.

Phase 1: Assess

Wise planning begins with an honest assessment of where you are now. An outside perspective and some objective metrics are invaluable allies in getting a clear picture.

Phase 2: Plan

Why work on your ministry strategy and build action plans? Because when you make vision actionable, you can empower people to play their parts.

Phase 3: Structure

In Scripture, we see that God intends for us to serve alongside other people who complete the Body. A well-rounded leadership team, in roles aligned to the strategy, creates a healthier ministry.

Phase 4: Action

Assess, plan, structure—all meaningless if you don’t follow through. Sunday will keep coming. Ministry won’t slow down. Develop the tools, systems, and rhythms to see the plan through.

At the end of this process, you have a comprehensive, customised ministry plan, and the structure and systems to help you execute. You’re responsible for putting the plan into action, but we help provide accountability and coaching along the way. And—we know churches of different sizes have different strengths and challenges. So we right-size this process to your church’s needs. We’ve tailored our process to serve churches from under 100 to 20,000+ in average attendance and everything in between.

Consultancy Areas:

  • Church Health Assessment
  • Community Location/Relocation Analysis
  • Reversing Declining and Plateauing Churches
  • Strategic Planning for Churches, Denominations, Ministries and Faith-Based/Parachurch Organizations
  • Leadership & Capacity Assessment
  • Cutting-edge Research for Churches, Denominations & Organisations
  • Community Impact Analysis & Research
  • Growth Obstacle and Breaking Barrier Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution & Management
  • Small Group Health Analysis
  • Assimilation Effectiveness
  • Attendees Perception & Attitudes Analysis
  • Establishing a Vision/Mission Statements
  • Data & Statistical Analysis
  • Finance/Budget Analysis
  • Worship Issues
  • Facility Analysis
  • Budget and Financial Analysis
  • Staffing Alignment, Analysis and Training 
  • Understanding Church Model/Practices That Works
  • Becoming a Missional/ Great Commission Organisation
  • Security Analysis and Training
  • Retainer Relationships for Six Months or One Year

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