We’ve answered some of the most common questions we receive here.

Some qualifications we’ve got are: ‎

  1. Christian character
  2. Proven competence
  3. Theological expertise
  4. Strong references
  5. Special gifting
  6. Practical experience
  7. Name recognition‎‎

A good church consultant is someone brings professional advice with a solid grounding in the Bible and theology to the ministry situation and provides maximum ministry efficiency.

Because our church consultant has the experience, expertise, and time that your leadership staff simply don’t have to maintain consistent results and growth. 

A good church consultant provides flexibility for their client churches.

A good church consultant provides a fresh, objective point of view.

A church consultation is a process in which an individual or a team provides insights, recommendations and guidance to improve the overall health of a church, or to assist in a specific area of church need. ‎

The process starts with Health Check, Verification Stage, Recommendations, Implementation, and Evaluation ‎

‎The need for consulting, and not the cost, should be the major issue and when it comes to the bottom line, a good church consultant is more cost effective for the ministry organisation.

We expect to end up with your organisation having the Desired health, vitality and results

We guide your team through this process in four (4) phases.

Phase 1: Assess – Wise planning begins with an honest assessment of where you are now. An outside perspective and some objective metrics are invaluable allies in getting a clear picture.

Phase 2: Plan – Why work on your ministry strategy and build action plans? Because when you make vision actionable, you can empower people to play their parts.

Phase 3: Structure – In Scripture, we see that God intends for us to serve alongside other people who complete the Body. A well-rounded leadership team, in roles aligned to the strategy, creates a healthier ministry.

Phase 4: Action – Assess, plan, structure—all meaningless if you don’t follow through. Sunday will keep coming. Ministry won’t slow down. Develop the tools, systems and rhythms to see the plan through.

At the end of this process, you have a comprehensive, customized ministry plan, and the structure and systems to help you execute. You’re responsible for putting the plan into action, but we help provide accountability and coaching along the way. And—we know churches of different sizes have different strengths and challenges. So we right-size this process to your church’s needs. We’ve tailored our process to serve churches from under 100 to 20,000+ in average attendance and everything in between.

There will be need for a survey to verify the health check done. ‎

Health Check cost N50,000 only and the rest depends on level of consultation

We’ve got good patronage because churches get more than what they pay for.

Depending on work to be done and agreed contracts. ‎

Our services are professional and excellent in execution to get you back on track to growth ‎

Hundreds of churches close every year because of their inability to recognise health issues within the church.‎

Yes, see the phrases Q7‎

Through a briefing session and a health check ‎

  • Assimilation
  • Evangelism
  • Church Plantings
  • Retention, etc ‎

Comprehensive Health Report and Recommendation ‎

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