Health Check

At Magnicraft Consulting we have a classy and professional way of helping you get the data, analysis, and insights that a local church needs to make better decisions.

The Health Check Assessment Tools makes it comprehensively simple for us to help any church to collect, collate, understand, and also help to take action on experience data (X-data)—the beliefs, emotions, and perceptions or sentiments of members.

We examine your church on over 20 Vital Signs to check your health status and help your church in the right direction.


  • Check your vitals
  • Set future goals
  • Make an action plan
  • Schedule regular check-ups
  • Re-evaluate the action plan

Meaningful Metric That Keeps a Pulse on Your Church’s Health

  • Who, Not How Many (Outward vs Inward management and not attendance in terms of adults, children & baptisms)
  • More Than Membership (Volunteering management in terms of community impact, serving & Attendance to staff ratio)
  • Money and Sense (Financial prudence & management in terms of giving, savings, borrowing and staffing costs)
  • Make Room for More (attendance with respect to Church Available Seats & Parking space management)

A good set of metrics help the team set off in the right direction in five (5) ways:

  • Share an understanding of strengths and weaknesses
  • Set better goals
  • Identify early warning signs
  • Chart a clear course forward
  • Celebrate the details of what God is doing

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