We bring a unique approach to serving faith-based organizations

"If we could avoid it, we wouldn’t use the term “church consulting.”

That’s because we don’t tell you who to be. Rather, we help you discover where God’s called your church to go and how you’re going to get there.

These nine principles characterize the way we think and how we train every member of our team to serve you. Above all, we promise to bring hope. That’s why it’s #1 on the list. Start a conversation with our team to learn more.

1) Bring Hope

We understand the majority of pastors say they are discouraged. We will take every opportunity to bring your church leaders hope and encouragement.

2) Pray

Everything we do starts with prayer. We rely on guidance and wisdom from the Holy Spirit, and then trust that God is at work through the process. He is the one who renews minds and changes hearts.

3) Come Spiritually Prepared

When we prepare to serve a church, we aim to empty ourselves, which means we need to be spiritually full going in. We are committed to relying on God’s wisdom and strength, rather than our own.

4) Come Practically Prepared

We use all the tools at our disposal to be prepared for our time with you. This includes devoting time to pre-visit prep work, and connecting with the other consultants on the team so that we are unified and connected as a team.

5) Ask Questions

We facilitate, asking questions and more questions. We aim to help your church come to your own solutions. We believe our job is to draw out the wisdom in the room.

6) Acknowledge Your Church's Uniqueness

We recognize every church has unique ingredients. Our desire is to help you discover what’s distinctive about your ministry and mission.

7) Say The Hard Things

We aren’t afraid of clarifying reality even if it’s going to cause some pain initially. Even though leaders in the church might be sensing what is wrong, we know sometimes an outside voice can bring more weight and urgency to the issues you’re facing. We won’t shy away from that responsibility.

8) Prescribe in Increments

We believe our role is to bring clarity to what’s most important. We don’t want to bury you in tasks or leave you overwhelmed. We will help you prioritize what’s most important and take strategic action.

9) Stay Focused on Helping You Get Unstuck

We value strategic action. The win isn’t the plan. The win is movement, change and execution — helping you make a lasting kingdom impact.

We would love to welcome you to our gorgeous office in the breathtaking Mabushi District in Abuja FCT.

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